Here at Searchlight, we do things a little differently. We take a comprehensive approach to marketing and work with your business to achieve your goals and objectives. This means having a team that can work together reliably and solve problems creatively. Searchlight is comprised of experts in every field that can bring something new to the table. From social media marketing, copywriters and even graphic designers that can work with you to build your brand up or simply finesse your current marketing efforts. Why hire an entire marketing department, when you can simply hire Searchlight?

Searchlight Solutions was founded in 2008 by Ian Ho, one of the first employees at eBay. Ian was eBay’s first IT technical architect. He designed the systems and processes of the high performance and scalable infrastructure that eBay is famous for. He also consulted for Wynn casinos in Las Vegas. Using big data to analyze customer behavior and traffic flow patterns, he helped generate $15M in additional revenue within 1 year.

Ian blends strong understanding of internet technologies, marketing psychology and statistical analysis and that is why our Searchlight Solutions team is made up of hard-working, dedicated and talented employees. The result is a highly efficient unit with one goal in mind: generate growth for our business clients. Everyone at Searchlight is constantly finding new tools, trying innovative methods and testing original ideas – it’s what gives us an edge in performance. Having this kind of environment keeps us excited and engaged at work every day.

We Help You Grow

Searchlight Solutions is committed to building partnerships with our clients to help them accelerate their business growth online. Our solutions help increase profitability – whether it’s with direct online sales, lead generation or other types of conversions. Learn more about the clients we've helped in our Case Studies.

  • #1 in Google, Bing & Yahoo since 2008 in the finance vertical running profitable PPC campaigns at $18 per click.

  • Over the period of 2 years, we produced an average of $1.5M in monthly sales for Symantec - the makers of the popular Norton Antivirus Software.

  • Managed client campaigns with advertising budgets ranging from $5k to $1M per month.

  • Brought sales for Epic Watch Bands past the $390K mark in 5 months